How do you make porn?

abbywinters.com is a world-renowned adult website, in operation since 2000. In that time we have trained dozens of photographers and videographers to create our content. Our approach has been to recruit from the ranks of our models, and train them up to be technically and creatively proficient, gearing them up with skills that last a lifetime. To augment our in-house production efforts, we work with Contract Shooters all over the world.

These training resources, organised as Self-Directed Learning Packages (SDLP’s) contain videos, workbooks, tests and assignments, help newcomers learn the considerations when producing a shoot for abbywinters.com.

Get started!

If you’re already speaking with staff at abbywinters.com HQ about becoming a Contract Shooter, you’ll start on The Essentials page.

Just visiting?

Of course, you don’t have to be officially in-training to appreciate the learning resources – you’re welcome to browse as well. We recommend you start on the Essentials page, but you might also be interested in the Fetish pages.

The future…

In the future, producers can use these training materials to produce shoots “inspired by” abbywinters.com. We’re making a marketplace to expose those shoots to our enormous paying audience on a pay-per-scene basis, and share with you the revenue generated.

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