December 3, 2014 00 Playdates: Overview and Setup

An overview of how Playdates at works, for models.

Playdates Overview and Setup

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Assignment, part 1

Gather the detailed specifications of your computer and web camera.

To get the info for Mac OSX

  1. Go to the Apple (🍎) menu > About This Mac. The window that appears lists your computer’s model name—for example, MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016) —and serial number.
  2. Make a screenshot of this (Shift-Command-4 (more info)).
  3. Start a new email to your Trainer, and attach (not embed) the image – usually a paperclip icon. Don’t send the email yet.

iFixit has a good guide for finding more info, but it requires a little more work. It’s helpful to have this, but you can wait and see if your Trainer needs this info – they may not.

To get the info for PC / Windows

  1. Press Windows-E to open Explorer.
  2. On the left, locate My Computer (might be called, This PC)
  3. Right-click, choose Properties. A new window opens
  4. Make a screenshot – run the Snipping tool app (more info)
  5. Save the screen capture file to your Desktop.
  6. Start a new email to your Trainer, and attach (not embed) the image – usually a paperclip icon. Don’t send the email yet.

ABOVE: What the screen looks like for Windows 10.

To get the webcam info

This is not necessary if your computer has a built-in webcam (eg, a laptop). However, built-in webcams are often lower quality, so you may need an external one. We’ll find that out in the next few lessons.

If you have a separate webcam, it might have the manufacturer and model number on it. If you still have the receipt, it’ll be on that. There might be a small label on the end of the cable that plus into your computer.

We need to know who made it, what model-number it is, how much you paid (roughly), and when you bought it (roughly).

Assignment, part 2

Perform a speed test on your internet connection, and provide the results to your Trainer.

  • A cabled connection is always better than wifi, if possible (more reliable, faster)
  • Be using the internet connection you’ll actually be using for Playdates
  • Be in the place where you’ll be doing Playdates from (for example, if you’re doing Playdates in your bedroom at home, don’t do this test at work, uni, or a coffee shop – or your loungeroom!

Our speed-test page has detailed instructions for making the speed test to the server we have nearest you.

Attach (not embed) the image of the speed test to the email to your Trainer, along with the info about your computer and webcam. Your Trainer may have some more questions for you, possibly requiring more info.

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