December 3, 2014 01 Playdates: Choose the right place

Selecting the right place to do a Playdate from enhances how you look and feel.

Playdates: Choose the right place

11.1Mb; 05’12”


Select a place in your home where you should do your Playdate from (based on the info in the video). Turn all the lights on – more is better! If you need to set it up “just so”, do that.

Take a pic with your phone, from where your computer will be (so, the pics show what customers will see behind you). Be sure to have the camera where the web-cam will be (for example, your laptop on your bed, the camera’s going to be about 10 inches / 25 centimetres above the bed, angled up.

ABOVE: Consider the best position to take this image from, to show what customers will see behind you.

If there are several possibilities, take pics of each, and send them through.

  • Name each image meaningfully (for example, jane_place_assignment_01.jpg).
  • Send the pics to your Trainer, who’ll provide some feedback.

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