November 11, 2014 02 GGT3 Always overview; shoot stills first

There are many activities and approaches that cause our content to be appealing to our customers. We know what they are, so it’s essential to do them always.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

02 GGT3 always overview shoot stills first

Size: 18.1Mb, 07’05”


Prepare answers to these questions for your Trainer – read all the questions before starting to answer them. Include the questions asked below, in your doc of answers:

  1. What are some methods of “paying attention” to an area (regardless of what the area is)? For example, they could describe how the area makes her feel, to her partner. What else?
  2. Drilling down, what are some practical ways a model could “investigate” an area (regardless of what the area is)? For example, a model could rub her nipple against her partner’s labia. What else?
  3. Drilling down even further, how could a model explore and test the limits of another model’s breast? For example, she could grab it by the nipple and pull it directly out in front, while watching for the other model’s reaction. What else?

Visit your Trainer for a one-on-one practical session on this topic. So they can prepare, remind them it’s for the “Always: Shoot stills first” assignment.

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