December 3, 2014 03 Playdates: Look the part

Look your best for your Playdate.

Playdates: Look the part

25.7Mb; 08’01”


Prepare yourself as if you were going to do a Playdate. Check your grooming is suitable, fix if not. Select some suitable clothes (casually sexy, but not over-the-top, no sexy french-maid stripper costumes). Apply the right amount of makeup (not tooo much!). Dress your hair.

Be honest (take a mental “step back”): Do you look wholesome, neat, clean and healthy? Make fixes.

Make sure the light is good, so we can see you (use the approved lighting setup from the previous lesson). Take some selfies in a mirror with your phone:

  • A closeup of your face
  • A full body shot, dressed for the Playdate
  • A full body shot, in bra and panties

Then, prepare to send the images. Name each image meaningfully (for example, jane_look_the_part_assignment_01.jpg). In an email be sure to ATTACH, not EMBED the images (more info on the difference).

Send the pics to your Trainer, who’ll provide some feedback.

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