November 11, 2014 03 GGT3 Always cancel bad shoots

Customers pay for good shoots. If we release bad shoots, we risk customers leaving our brand, AND we have to pay for the shoot! Bad shoots can occur (though there are things we can do to reduce them), and when they do it’s essential we work to fix it, or if not fixable, cancel it.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

03 GGT3 always cancel bad shoots

Size: 13.2Mb, 03’53”


Prepare to meet with your Trainer by writing:

  1. A list of indications during a GG shoot that it’s poor
  2. Phrasing to use, to actively direct a model to improve?

Visit your Trainer, who will review discuss your answers, and also workshop some scenarios with you.

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