December 4, 2014 04 Playdates: What to do (basics)

Basic advice on how to behave during a Playdate.

Playdates: What to do (basics)

46.9Mb; 11’40”


Bring it all together.

Record a video piece of around two minutes. Introduce yourself, speak about your life in your home town, what you do in a typical week, your hobbies.

Ensure the location is appropriate, the lighting is good, your clothes and makeup meet the guidelines. There’s no need to get nude. Make eye-contact with your viewer, be casual and engaged, and show as much of your body as possible. It’s ok if you make a few mistakes.

Review some tips on recording a video file using your web cam. If using a Logitech camera, it comes with some software that makes this easier.

Based on how you understand our expectations, prepare some notes on how you did. Answer these questions:

  • How’s the level of makeup?
  • Is the clothes and how I wear them sexy? (clingy to my body; gaping open; glimpses of more than we “should” see)
  • Could customers see all they might want to see? (don’t forget about the foot fetishests!)
  • What did you do well at?
  • What could you do better at next time?

It’s likely you’ll identify some mistakes you made – that’s fine, no need to do it again (unless the mistake is really serious!). It’s important to us that you can spot the mistakes, so you know what to do differently next time.

Share the file with your Trainer – videos are large files, so it might be best to use, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar. Send an email with the links, and your self-analysis.

Return to the Playdates training page to watch the next video.

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