December 4, 2014 05 Playdates: What to do (make it sexy!)

Overview of approach for building tension during a Playdate.

Playdates: What to do (Make it sexy!)

13.5Mb; 08’09”


In your bra and panties, shoot a two-minute video on your webcam (ensure the light, clothes, grooming, setting, location are all good).

Do a few sexy things – not “over the top”, and not “porny” – consider more low-key, serious, focused activities. Some ideas include:

  • Wear a short skirt, and show “accidental” and brief glimpses of your brightly coloured panties
  • Wear an old t-shirt with no bra
  • Wear jeans with no panties, and “prove” you’re not wearing panties, without removing your jeans!
  • Touch your pussy over / under your clothes; smell your fingers

While these are all good, your own ideas are preferred – show us what you got! 😮 😲 🤯

Use the same techniques from the previous assignment to make the video file and provide it to your contact.

Provide the video to your Trainer, who will give you some honest feedback, and will be very respectful. They know you are incredibly brave to be a model on an shoot, and that this is much harder. There will not be any criticism – feedback will be gentle, and considerate, but also honest and constructive.

This is the last video in the set – once you have submitted your final assignment you’re done! Your contact at HQ will let you know what happens next (probably, schedule your first real Playdate!).

Check out the Playdate Guide for models, and read through the FAQ there so you can prepare for your first real Playdate.

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