November 11, 2014 06 GGT3 Always open to camera

Customers are paying for the best seat in the house. We only, ever shoot with customers in mind.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

06 GGT3 Always open to camera

Size: 22.7Mb; 09’39”


Prepare a collection of 30 wide images (that is, do not include CU shots), from the best paradigm examples folder for GGT3 shoots. Sort the folder by file size (not date or name), or use some other means to get a truly random selection.

Make two subfolders, “Ideal: Open to the camera and light”, and “Needs improvement: Not open to camera and light”, and sort the 30 images into each folder. Each image can only be in one sub-folder. Put the folders in a shared location.

Email to the Trainer with a paragraph justifying your decisions.

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