November 11, 2014 07 GGT3 Always extract best performance

Model “performance” (we’re not seeking a true “performance”, in this context, we’re referring to their behaviour) during a shoot is around 90% of the quality of the shoot. Which is to say, if model performance is poor, it does not matter how good every other aspect of the shoot is – it will be a poor shoot. Similarly, in a shoot where models deliver excellent “performance”, many other flaws can be forgiven.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

07 GGT3 Always extract best performance

Size: 83.9Mb; 19’18”


A Challenge is something we select with each model, to “prove” (to us) she is into her partner. Without doing this, it’s unlikely we’d be convinced. For example, “I will lick own fingers before and after each insertion into my partner” – she’s tasting her partner, something someone who was not into a partner would do.

An Objective is something we allocate to each model, to increase the variety and unpredictability within a shoot. We seek to capture an element of genuine surprise that’s laden with sexual energy (not something humorous or hurtful). Each model has an objective, and they may be opposing each other (for example, “Give partner an orgasm during the after-interview” – done the first time, this would be unexpected, by both our customers and the other model).

  1. Prepare 10 Challenges that would likely suit any model, which would prove to you – without a doubt – that this model is committed to making an excellent shoot by being into her partner. Do not use Challenges mentioned by the Trainer.
  2. Prepare 10 Objectives that are sure to cause something unexpected to happen during a shoot, but are achievable by regular models with no special skills, and no dependency on location or props. Do not use Objectives mentioned by the Trainer.

Present and discuss these with your Trainer.

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