November 11, 2014 09 GGT3 Always build up and capture firsts

The first time something happens on a shoot is the most exciting for our customers, but the build-up to it makes it memorable (meaning the customer will associate a positive feeling with that shoot, and our brand).

In mainstream porn, actors often “just have sex”, but that seldom happens in real life. In real life, there’s always a build-up (a tease) which is integral to the pay-off. Shooting our scenes with this in mind helps our customers relate to, and enjoy our content. We know that the more well-realised these moments are, more repeat business we get.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

09 GGT3 Always build up and capture firsts

Size: 10.3Mb; 04’28”


Using the models, capture all Firsts for stills and video.

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