November 12, 2014 11 GGT3 Always orgasm

Customers like seeing models have (genuine) orgasms: they are incredibly personal moments. In the real world, very few people get to see how her face looks when she orgasms, what sounds she makes, how her body moves. This makes the orgasm special as it’s a secret treat just for you when you are lucky enough to “pick up”, and make a girl orgasm. Not many others have seen it. Obviously, the concept is different in the world of as many customers can see it but the reality of how our customers perceive orgasms are the same.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

11 GGT3 Always orgasm

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Note: Begin watching this SDLP from @00:16 – information at the start of the video is no longer relevant to training structure after August 2019.


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