November 12, 2014 12 GGT3 Always Kiss

Kissing is the most intimate thing two people can do. Kissing should feature in all shoots frequently. Customers find two girls kissing arousing: they can imagine themselves participating in the scene as the girl who’s kissing the girl they likes most. It is also an opportunity for a customer to see how girls kiss from a different perspective.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

12 GGT3 Always Kiss

Size: 5.84Mb; 3’27”


Capture two models moving into the ‘first kiss’ and then juxtaposition this with the models doing a more passionate kiss, the kind you would find once the action had got into its flow. Consider animal-like need and tenderness influences on these two moments.

Capture for stills and video.

Discuss media with Trainer. 

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