November 14, 2014 23 GGT3 Tenderness overview; hold hands

We define “tenderness” as displaying a gentle care for each other’s comfort. This provides a contrast to the urgent aspects of a scene, giving overall texture. Without tenderness, urgency is not as powerful – the reverse is also true.

Holding hands is a “cultural meme” that instantly signifies love, trust, care and commitment: we know that people who really care for each other do this. Holding hands adds to the realism by establishing a genuine connection between models, acting as justification for them to be in the scene having sex.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

23 GGT3 Tenderness overview; hold hands

Size:  16.6Mb; 08’16”

Note: Ignore the first 52 seconds of this video.


Draft an email to the Trainer, with the subject “Tenderness overview; hold hands assignment”.

Describe 8 sex acts, poses or moments in a GGT3 shoot where models can hold hands to maximise the overall tenderness of the shoot.



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