November 14, 2014 24 GGT3 Tender make eye contact

Our customers like eye-contact because it shows connection and desire, it is another key indicator that models are really into each other. Making eye-contact is confronting. It also shows honesty and integrity, and is a powerful communication tool; clearly saying, these models are not “gay for pay”.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

24 GGT3 Tender make eye contact

Size: 12.4Mb; 05’34”


Get the two models to sit face-to-face with hands on their knees looking over each others shoulders (ie, not making eye contact). Record video for 8 seconds.

Now, get the models to hold hands and to hold eye contact. Film for 10 seconds.

Discuss the differences in recorded media with Trainer.

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