November 14, 2014 30 GGT3 urgency have an animal-like need

Customers like models having an animal-like need because it shows they really want to have sex. This in and of itself is a great notion, but also adds excitement to the scene itself, heightening his attraction to the models and scene.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

30 GGT3 Urgency have an animal-like need

Size: 5.03Mb; 01’55”


Consider the three images, Chloe B and Violet; Kara D and Zasha; Larissa M and Silvie.

  • How does each image communicate urgency?
  • How could each image be improved?

Prepare notes identifying each image by name.

Draft an email to the Trainer, attach the images, and set the subject “Urgency have an animal-like need assignment”.

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