November 14, 2014 33 GGT3 Urgency strongly direct partner

Customers enjoy strong women. Again, similar approach in Always: be vocal, but this about physical direction, for example:

  • Pushing partner’s face into my vulva
  • Taking partner’s hand, placing on my buttocks
  • Taking partner’s fingers, sucking them, placing in own anus

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

33 GGT3 Urgency strongly direct partner

Size: 44.9Mb; 04’45”


Consider why models might not strongly direct their partner – prepare a list of reasons.

Consider what we can do to help them do this, without simply telling them to do so throughout a shoot?

Draft an email to the Trainer, prepare written answers, set the subject to be “Urgency strongly direct partner assignment”, and send.

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