November 14, 2014 34 GGT3 Urgency exploit available space; recap

Customers like being surprised in shoots. A sense of unpredictability means anything might happen. Unplanned positions communicate urgency and loss of control. Customers enjoy the unexpected variety this brings. We give models freedom to choose from a variety of spaces to causes the scene to become more believable and genuine (thus, less directed).

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

34 GGT3 Urgency exploit available space; recap

Size: 15.4Mb; 07’20”

Note: Stop watching at 5’51” – the rest is recapping out-of-date material.


​Get the models to explore the space as you would at the start of any GGT3 shoot day, and encourage them to use the space fully.

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