November 14, 2014 35 GGT3 Must-haves overview

Must-have poses are what customers masturbate to. No happy ending for the customers, means an unhappy customer. These are the “money shots” for lesbian sex. Unlike must-haves for solos, which specify framing and the pose, these are only must-have poses: it’s left to the discretion of the shooter how to capture it best.

These poses are obvious to our customers, and our customers are obviously angry when they are not shot. The best thing is, they are easy to direct and shoot!

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

35 GGT3 Must-haves overview

Size: 12.3Mb; 08’11”

Note: Begin watching the SDLP video from @00:47 – The information before this point is no longer relevant to how training is being delivered from 2019.


Review the 1-to-5 GGT3 shoot assessment document, and highlight assessment areas being covered today.

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