November 14, 2014 36 GGT3 ​Thoroughness of oral

Customers like watching girls give each other oral sex to each other because it’s the most sexual thing two women can do together. Customers can easily imagine themselves in the place of the Giver, helping them imagine the taste and texture. Oral sex often elicits orgasms, an immensely personal and private moment that our customers enjoy seeing (so long as it’s genuine).

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

36 GGT3 Thoroughness of oral

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Assignment 1

Direct the models, capture thorough oral sex in two different positions for Stills.

Review the media with the Trainer.

Assignment 2

Towards the end of the day you will shoot this always action for video with in a sequence.

Review the media with the Trainer.

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