November 14, 2014 45 GGT3 Extras premise

A premise shows the context for models having sex.

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

45 GGT3 Extras premise

Size: 19.1Mb; 8’00”

Note: Ignore the first 7 seconds of this video.


The following attributes make a premise good:

  • Premise is likely to evoke a memory in the customer of attempting to court a girl, or be a situation he has been in and can relate to
  • Does not require models to act, instead relies on things real to the models – their age, hobbies, job, race, location, religion, language, skills, problems (or lack of any of these). This results in the models conversing naturally.
  • Models are physically separated for some of the premise (as opposed to, positions that will be used in the sex scene)
  • Innocently sexualised positions (for example, head on lap; teaching to shoot pool; getting past someone in a narrow space)
  • Reveal deep detail about one model’s personal life
  • One model is genuinely surprised by something that happens
  • At end of scene, refer back to the premise to provide closure
  • Includes helping or compassion – requires models to interact
  • Segue from premise into foreplay

Prepare notes on three separate premises meet many of the above attributes, and that do not require:

  1. Props costing more than €5 / US$7
  2. Specific locations (eg, bedroom, lounge-room, forest are fine)
  3. Specific clothing, beyond what our models would normally own
  4. Particular model skills (flexibility, musical instruments, balance, acting, etc)

Email Trainer with subject “GGT3 Extras premise assignment”.

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