November 14, 2014 47 GGT3 Extras direct models

We hope our customers will willingly suspend their disbelief, and see our shoots as two passionate women having sex, and not notice the contrived elements of GGT3 shoots. Our customers are paying us to be entertained, so we must deliver what they want (not what models want).

Workbook: Use the workbook downloaded from the GGT3 page.

47 GGT3 Extras direct models

Size: 12.7Mb; 04’08”


On the first on-set shoot day making GGT3 shoots (with the Trainer), an expert GGT3 Shoot Producer will also be present, making a GGT3 shoot.

Set a calendar reminder now, to complete this assignment the evening of this first training day.

Take note of the times the Shoot Producer directs models during the shoot.

  • What kind of direction were they giving? (that is, what aspect of the scene?)
  • How often did they direct the models?
  • Did the direction seem to improve the end result?
  • What could the SP have done better with their direction? (that is, to capture an even-higher quality scene for our customers)

Email the Trainer with the subject “GGT3 Extras direct models assignment”.

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