July 24, 2013 Additionals – Backstage

Backstage imagery adds texture and context to our site, by revealing partly how shoots are made (but focused mainly on people, not equipment). A set of Backstage images is required for each shoot that is produced.

Workbook: Download this 31 page (1.2Mb) Workbook. Print in colour double-sided, and add notes in the spaces provided.


Size: 151Mb, 45’43”

Note, 21 March 2018: In the SDLP, we say that 50 Backstage images are required. This has now been reduced to 25 images per shoot.


Review any two backstage sets on the site. Select the five best BS images from each set. “Best” as defined by, the points presented in this presentation.

In a doc, embed each image, and write what makes them good.

Select the five weakest images from the same two sets. Justify what makes them weak. Describe how they could be improved.

In the same doc, embed each image, and white a short note on what makes them weak.

Provide doc to Trainer.

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