July 16, 2013 Additionals – Meaningful Tag Video

“Additionals” are small additional components to the main shoot itself, that are required to be produced. Meaningful Tag Videos must be produced by all shooters, of each model shot (regardless of shoot type), and show the model talking about tagging, and encouraging customers to participate.

SDLP Downloads

Workbook: Download this 29 page (402 Kb) PDF workbook, print in colour, and use it to take notes in, while watching the video.

Assignment workbook: Download this 10 page (23Kb) MS Word document, with the seven mini-assignments. Mini-assignments are clearly identified in the Workbook and video presentations. Enter your answers directly in the workbook using MS Word, and return the completed Workbook to your Trainer.

1 to 5 Meaningful Tag Video assessment criteria: Download this 1 page (32Kb) PDF, and print in black and white. This will be used for mini-assignment 6.

Assess 5 Meaningful Tag Videos: Download this 10Mb ZIP archive with five short FLV / MP4 encoded Meaningful Tag Videos. These will be assessed by you for suitability in mini-assignment 7. We always recommend playback using the excellent and free VLC media player.

Script for use on-set: Download this one-page big-print script prompter to use on-set with models. We recommend you laminate it.

Meaningful Tag Videos Part 1

Size:83.7Mb, 40’02’

Meaningful Tag Videos Part 2

Size: 264Mb, 41’16”


Example of a perfect Tagging video: Madelaine


Vote good tags up 😃

Vote bad tags down 😐

Add meaningful tags, like _________.

All assignment details are in the presentation. Be sure to enter assignment work directly into the MS Word docs (that is, do not print and hand-write!).

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