September 24, 2018 Challenge of the month – Cancelling Shoots (CSP NL November 2018)

Sometimes a shoot can not be saved and the model needs to be downgraded or cancelled.

This can be hard to do so here is a video to help you spot WHEN a shoot needs to be cancelled and HOW to go about it.

Cancelling a shoot script:

We recommend using phrasing like this:

It looks like your heart’s not in it today. I am not sure what the issue is but I want to do what is right for you and us, so we have three options.

  1. We can stop shooting and go home, there is no pressure to finish this if you do not want to. But with no finished shoot, you will not be paid for today.
  2. We can reduce the posing level if this is too much for you, the [current posing level] is demanding. This will affect how much you will be paid.
  3. We can keep going, but I will need to push you to ensure the results we get are what we need

What do you think?

If you decide to keep going (option 3), and it’s not working out:

We have given this a really good go today, and I can see you have really tried hard too. But on this occasion, we are not able to bring back a shoot that meet the company’s needs.  I am making the decision that we need to stop.

You won’t be paid for the shoot, and I will destroy the media I have captured so far. I’ll let the Model Liaison know what happened, and they’ll be in touch with you.

Sorry it did not work out.

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