June 18, 2013 Clothing

WARNING: This page is the in-depth version – most likely, you want the in-brief version, linked from The Essentials page. This version is much more work and more detailed than is necessary for most users. Only proceed on this in-depth page if you have specifically been directed to the in-depth version (rare).

The clothing models wear in in shoots provides many cues as to the model’s life, style and personality. We describe how and why we make clothing selections with models.

This SDLP has “in-brief” (~25 minutes + 30 minutes for Quiz) and this, the “in-depth” (~4 hours) versions.

Clothing in-depth

Workbook: Download this 41 page PDF (1.5 Mb), print in colour, single-sided, and use it to take lots of notes on while watching the videos.

Clothing, part 1

Size: 575Kb, 45s.

Clothing, Part 2

Size: 45.9Mb, 32m 52s

Clothing, Part 3

Size: 70.8Mb, 50m52s

Clothing Assignment 1: Review 5 shoots

Download the Clothing Assignment 1 Worksheet (3 page, 682Kb, MS Word docx). Review the stills media for each of these five solo shoots (don’t rely only on the embedded images in the worksheet – these are just to remind you and your Trainer):

On the worksheet, in the designated space, assess how the clothing was, compared to this SDLP. What was good? What was bad? Consider what clothes were selected, and perhaps why? Nominate specific images (with their full file names) to illustrate your points. Ignore other production values (eg, lighting, exposure, location, focus, etc).

Write a few paragraphs about each shoot. When complete, email to your Trainer the MS Word worksheet. As always, please add your full name to the email, and subject the email sensibly.

(* fun anecdote, back in the early to mid 2000’s, we sometimes released image-sets in two parts, on two separate days of the week. Customers had to wait til Thursday to get the second half of the image-set that was partly released on Monday. Co-founder Garion cannot remember why we did this!)

Clothing Assignment 2: Test

Test document: Download this 22 page (765Kb) PDF, print in colour, and complete it using learnings from the preceding SDLP’s. Refer to your workbook and the above videos as necessary. Complete every question thoroughly.

Once complete, review the answers video below.

Clothing test answers video

Watch this video with a discussion of the test answers, and follow along with your own test. Use a red pen to add in additional notes and award points.

25.6Mb; 36m 32s

Once your test is complete and self-assessed, scan to PDF and email to your Trainer, who will review it and provide feedback.

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