July 3, 2017 Induction 01: Companies overview

What we conversationally called “abbywinters” actually includes several related companies that share the same values and workflows.

Download the Workbook (43 page PDF, 3.79Mb), print double-sided in B&W. As you watch the lesson, fill in the blank parts in the printed version, and add your own notes. of course, it’s no problem to pause or rewind.

Download the Acronym Bingo worksheet (1 page PDF, 32.4Kb). We have many wordy technical terms, so we abbreviate them. That’s handy for current workers, but not very friendly for new workers, so to help you learn some of them, here’s a little Bingo game. Write the meaning for each of them in the space provided as you encounter it in inductions or engaging with others in the business.

Keep an ear out as you watch SDLP videos, and fill them in as you hear them used. Send everyone you know at the company a selfie with the completed worksheet 🙂

Companies overview SDLP video

Size: 49’41”. 106Mb.

Companies Overview assignment

Download this Assignment template (MS Word, 12.7Kb, 2 pages), and complete it. Instructions for what’s required are in the doc.

When complete, email the completed assignment to your Trainer.

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