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Welcome to BV! 🙂

We place a strong focus on training people we work with, to ensure they are able to perform their work independently while meeting our standards and requirements.

SDLP’s (Self-directed Learning Packages) on this page relate to common areas most new workers need to be inducted into, but your Trainer will provide the specific list to you.

Over this set of SDLP’s, you’ll learn more about how the company works and is able to offer you work.


Self-Directed Learning packages (SDLP’s) must be consumed in the listed order.

Each SDLP has an assignment which allows the student to demonstrate they understand the principles learned.

When an assignment is complete, provide it to your Trainer, and proceed with the next SDLP in the list (no need to wait for your Trainer’s feedback before proceeding, however, you will receive feedback on each assignment you submit).

Each Assignment in this set is graded as Pass or Not-yet-passed.

SDLP’s Required for all

These SDLP’s are required for all new workers, unless specifically instructed they are not necessary.

Required, if working with models

If your work with will involve engaging models or handling model data, there are some additional training requirements.

When these SDLP’s are complete, there will likely be more role-specific SDLP’s for you to complete – consult your Trainer.


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