September 12, 2017 Data security

The security of data we hold about models, customers, employees and contractors is well secured, but people handling this data can make mistakes or may not realise they are taking some risky steps that can risk compromising this data.

Data Security

Handy links an excellent strong password generator (for generating passwords for sites / accounts NOT for the master password for LastPass). For testing the strength of passwords you make up. Our target is at least 80%, but more is always better. You should only need to use this for one password, as used to log in to LastPass. For generating strong Method 3, XKCD-style passwords (“correct horse battery staple”). The comic by Randall Munroe about password security. And btw, this is Garion’s fave XKCD comic. Awww.


Download this two-page MS Word file, and complete the four small assignments within. Send to your Trainer when complete. Then, proceed with the next SDLP on the Company induction homepage.

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