September 24, 2018 EXP posing level ideas (CSP NL November 2018)

So far in 2018, 38% of all Solo shoots have been at the ‘Explicit’ posing level.

One of the biggest challenges in an Explicit shoot is finding ways to create variety in each of the explicit poses displayed across the required 8 highest-posing-level poses.

Some variations to consider include:

Lots of models expose their clitoral hoods in abbywinters shoots but not enough models then push that back to expose the clitoris in full. This is a fetish that’s easy to capture for every Explicit-posing model!

One of our customers provided these tips:

To see the ENTIRE clitoris,

  • The  models need to put their 2 index fingers DIRECTLY ON the clit hood (not NEAR the clit hood) and pull back.
  • The ENTIRE clit shows the rim around  the head where the clit connects to the rest of her body (just like a guy has a rim around the head of his penis).
  • Shoot it as an extreme closeup


I recommend historic shoot Lillian Solo, as a strong example of Explicit variety within each pose (but, there are not enough poses in this shoot). She also has unique clitoral anatomy.

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Check out the general rules and tips on how to explore a solo pose in depth at the highest posing level.


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