February 9, 2019 Exploring solo position Doggy

Exploring solo position Doggy

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

The model is bent forwards at the waist, so her breasts are hanging directly down below her. This can be done standing or kneeling.

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

Doggy position is a pose that allows customers to imagine they are about to penetrate the model. They like this position so much that it has a fetish page dedicated to it on the abbywinters.com fetish pages – ‘Ready For Sex’

This position is particularly alluring to customers when the model looks willing, when the posing level allows, direct the model hold her buttocks open as this opens her labia and anus ready for penetration.   

Common errors

The most common error that CSPs make when shooting this position is having dark shadows between the models buttocks across the labia and anus (when shot at OL or higher). This is terrible as it prevents customers from seeing the detail that they most want to see when a model is bent forwards with no underwear on.

Above: This is a great pose from the model Sophie but the shadow obscuring details of her anus and the sides of her labia are unacceptable and will frustrate customers.

Ways to explore the pose

Model position:

Doggy position is one of the most versatile poses in terms of how much a model can move her body within the position, (depending on how flexible she is) while it still remain the same pose.

Face down ass up

Above: Sophie has been directed to push her back down and her buttocks up and out – this really emphasizes the curves of her buttocks.


The SP has walked around Sophie to see how this same position looks from a different angle – this is a good approach to exploring a position in depth.

Curved back

Above: Sophie has now curved her back up but she it still in Doggy position

Straight arms

Above: Sophie demonstrating doggy position with locked arms

Extend a leg

Above: Sophie has fully extended one leg ‘mid crawl’ while in doggy position.

Head on the floor

Above: Sophie has put her head on the floor and  has twisted around, so she can look into the camera. This has also freed up her hands, perfect for the EXP or INS posing levels

Above: Sophie demonstrating how easily this variation of doggy position can be used to do the EXP posing level

Head on the floor AND leg extended

Above: Sophie doing some great multitasking. The straight leg is very graceful and feminine

Flat back (like a table)

Above: Ekaterina has her head on the floor but rather than lifting her buttocks up to make her head visible, she has lifted up her arm . This keeps her back flat.  Note also an opportunity to explore the Insertions posing level (though better visibility of the actual insertion would be better).


Above: Note the detail of Tallulah’s glasses falling off in this standing doggy position, this is a good detail as it feels natural, unplanned and is not something you would see in Mainstream adult production.

Above: Kara D in a standing doggy position. The lighting on this shoot is very different to usual abbywinters lighting as it was an ‘After Dark’ shoot. This is a type of shoot that is no longer made.

Above: Belinda in a standing doggy position. IF a CSP covers a standing bent over pose in a lot of detail AND also covers a more traditional doggy position in lots of detail, this standing variation could become it’s own pose. When it is just a small moment (1 or 2 images, only a few seconds), it is counted within the doggy position exploration.

2. Use levels

Kneeling on the floor

Above: Caramel S in doggy position on the floor

Transitioning up onto the sofa / bed / chair

Above: Caramel S’s body looks excellent as she crawls up onto the soda – the hang of her breasts, curve of her buttocks and strength in her legs are all displayed well. This is a highly posed image (and she’s a very experienced model), but to a lay person, it just “looks good”.

Knees on the floor head and chest on the sofa/ bed/ chair

Above: Caramel S almost laid on the sofa with her knees on the floor. This is a position customers can imagine penetrating the model for sex from, very easily.

Above: Daisy resting her elbow on the sofa to support her head as she looks into camera.  Note how we can see all of her face, and all of her anus and vulva? Perfect!

Above: Sileny’s small breasts are implied very well, they are so small they do not hang down and jut out from her body as they rest on the bed, they are almost not there at all in this doggy position.

Above: Iskra managing to do doggy position in a tiny chair.  This is a great example of how the position can be explored using a chair but the shadow on the models anus and vulva are a real issue.  

Above: Inga doing doggy position over the back of the chair, an ideal example of the pose at the Nude posing level.

Consider your environment

Above: Caramel S demonstrating that doggy position works VERY well in the bath. This is a great tease, but MUST be paid off – that is, the same pose with her anus and vulva visible.

Above: The positioning of the mirror is excellent as it means customers can see the details of Sileny’s face as well as her well-lit labia, anus and buttocks

Also consider

  • Models crawling slowly in doggy position makes excellent MMAIA content
  • Another MMAIA variation would be getting the model to slowly stretch from an upright doggy position into a variation with her head and chest on the floor – the emphasis here should be on the model pushing her buttocks back into camera then up and high in the air.

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Doggy position in depth along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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