February 4, 2019 Exploring solo position: Head Stand (CSP NL February 2019)

Exploring solo position: Head Stand

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

For this position the model is supporting her body weight, upside down, on her head.

There are obvious risks involved in this kind of position. CSPs must ensuring the model is properly warmed up and make sure that if she wobbles and falls, there is nothing she can break or hurt herself on!

Above: Sabrina V in ‘Head Stand’ pose

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

Similar to bridge position – this pose is liked by customers as it is an impressive display of the models core strength and flexibility. It is very suggestive of the kinds of interesting sex poses this model might be able to get into if she were to go to bed with one of our customers!

Common errors

The main error CSPs make when covering this position is that they do not take full advantage of the top down angle – CU’s showing the labia and anus from such an angle would be creating what customers would see, just before penetrating the model in this pose.

Ways to explore the pose

The placement of the hands – these can be with palms placed on the floor, the flats of the arms placed on the floor or indeed they can be placed in the air.

Ekaterina, supporting her body on her lower arms as well as her neck

Above: Sabrina V supporting her body on her hands as well as her neck

Above: Ekaterina, supporting herself just on her neck

The positioning of the models legs can offer variety in this position

Above: Sabrina V demonstrating closed and open leg variations in this head stand pose

This is a hard position for the model to move around in to add large variety so CSPs will need to rely on  creative camera angles and lens lengths to explore this pose in full depth.

Above: A great unusual Mid shot of Ekaterina while she is mid Head Stand

While this position is very impressive when done correctly, there is also strong content to be gained from watching a model attempt to do this pose and fail – her real reactions are golden so long as she remains positive. This is especially true in video.

Also consider

  • In this very open and exposed position, explore placing the camera in places that enable the customer to imagine they are just about to deliver oral sex to the model.

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Head Stand position in depth, along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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