February 4, 2019 Exploring solo position Laid on her back (CSP NL February 2019)

Exploring solo position Laid on her back

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

The model is laid flat on her back.

Above, Mariana T in Laid on her back pose.

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

This is a very intimate position, generally speaking, people only see other people laid naked in bed looking at them before or after sex, as part of an intimate relationship.  Customers like this position as it helps them to feel closer to the model, they can fantasies that they are dating and in a shared  living arrangement.

Common errors

Facial expression and eye contact are the most important elements of this position. CSPs need to ensure the model engages with the camera in a friendly almost romantic way when in this position, so customers can get maximum fantasy connection. If the model looks too introverted in this position it could be more reminiscent of the end of a relationship, where communication has broken down, rather than the happy intimate connection customers want to experience with models.

Ways to explore the pose

As well as walking around the model with their camera, CSPs should consider their lens length. Capturing the position in wide and mid shots will help them to explore the position in more depth.

Above: Celine captured in both a wide and a mid shot

TIP: The CSP should stand behind the models head and ask her to lift her chin up till her eyes meet the camera. It won’t feel natural to the model but will look excellent! 

Use the space – get the model to position her body in a taut ‘laid down pose’ but get her to do it on none flat surfaces – for example off the side of the sofa. The tension in her body will show case her muscle structure as they work.

Above: Lexi B is holding a laid down pose even though her legs have no support bellow her

Direct the model to walk her legs up the side of a wall while she is laid down – she can explore the pose further by opening and closing her legs

Above: Amalia, using her legs to explore the laid on her back position

Direct the model to lift and hold her legs while in this position

Above: Mona putting her legs in different poses while laid on her back

Also consider

  • Add some movement by getting the model to tease her legs open and closed

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Laid on her back position in depth, along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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