February 4, 2019 Exploring solo position: Sitting (CSP NL February 2019)

Exploring solo position: Sitting

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

Both buttocks must be touching the surface bellow the model and her back must not be touching the floor.

Above: Manon in sitting pose

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

This is a normal every day position that customers will experience real woman in – only this time they are naked! There is nothing complicated about the models body position, she is not twisting her body in an unusual position, she is just sitting in a natural and relaxed way while naked, this is the relaxed way a lover might sit when it is just the two of them alone at home. It has a nice girlfriend vibe.

Common errors

The biggest error CSPs make when exploring this position is that they think they are exploring multiple poses, when they are actually only exploring this one position but in lots of depth.

Ways to explore the pose

There are LOADS of options to explore this pose by mixing up the position of the models legs. They might be crossed, closed at the knee, wide open, one up one down – let your imaginations run wild!

Even though there is great variety between all these images, they are all part of the sitting pose.

Above: Mara in an open leg sitting pose

Above: Katherine F with one leg crossed across the top while sitting

Above: Mona resting on her knee while sitting

Above: Diah in a No Nude Extreme NDE sitting position

Above: Flexible Gabriela A with one leg high in the air while sitting

Above: Mona kicking her legs in the sitting pose

Above: Gabriela A in a side on sitting position

Play with chairs – interesting chairs make for interesting poses.  If a chair has a hole in the back, what can be seen through it, can the model rest her breasts on the back of the chair?

Chairs can be sat on in several directions within the sitting pose.

Above: Ioana and sitting in a fantastic transparent chair

Above: Kate G with her legs hanging either side of the sofa chair – not always easy but it opens the model up very well to camera

Above: Carmen M with one leg hung over the side of a chair while sitting

Sitting is a very natural  position to capture a model peeing. Pee is a HUGE fetish at abbywinters, we shoot it when ever a model feels comfortable.

Above: Olive letting the pee flow freely while sitting

Above: Alexiah has leaned forwards off the chair to allow customers to see the details of her peeing – excellent direction!

Above: The rock Ella C is sitting on goes dark is it get wet, this is a great additional visual to her peeing

Also consider

  • Play around with levels in the location, can the model sit on the back of the sofa – can she make it on the window ledge etc
  • Be sure to explore all the different ways the model can move and hold her legs in this position – a model slowly opening and closing her legs if done in a deliberate and active way could qualify for MAIA

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Sitting position in depth, along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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