February 4, 2019 Exploring solo position: Squatting (CSP NL February 2019)

Exploring solo position: Squatting

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

The models feet must be under her buttocks. It can be done with feet flat on the floor or with a flexed foot up on the models toes.

Above: Amber T in ‘Squatting’ pose

Tip: Many customers love feet, if the model has neat feet and they are in a lovely flex position, remember to get CUs

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

This is the position a model would get into during penetrative sex positions – cowgirl and reverse cow girl and is also the position the model would get into while sitting on a customers face. Customers enjoy fantasizing about having sex with models, so seeing them in those poses is great. Costumers especially enjoy when the model moves up and down as she would during sex, in the video element of a solo.

Common errors

CSps tend to shoot this pose from above the model, which is not the perspective a customer would see if they were having sex with the model while she was in this position.  CSPs should try and place the model above the camera when in this pose for maximum customer pay off.

Ways to explore the pose

The squatting pose is a great way to explore the strength in a models legs. Squatting is an excellent movement to show on camera during MMAIA as it shows off the female body very well.

Above: Charlee and her very tones thighs holding a flat foot squat

Squatting can be a good ‘go to pose’ while the model does an activity such as cleaning floors / fixing a bike

Above: Amalia mid way through ‘cleaning’ the floor

In an INS solo, if the model has a toy with a flat bottom *especially if it has a suction cup on the bottom, the squatting position can be a great way to simulate the model having sex with a real male partner on camera

Above: Kate G ‘having sex’ with her toy, which was raised up on a handy box of tissues

A hi-bread position can be made between the squatting and kneeling pose by directing the model to kneel on one leg and squat with the other. This would make a nice transition from one position to the other.

Above: Is Evelina squatting or kneeling?

Squatting is a very natural  position to capture a model peeing. Pee is a HUGE fetish at abbywinters, we shoot it when ever a model feels comfortable.

Above: Carmina having a pee. This shot is good as we see her outer clothes held up and panties pulled down – very natural, a woman would not get naked to pee outside if caught short

Above: Maika squatting to pee outside. The natural surface below her changes colour as it get wet, highlighting what she is doing.

Above: Margaret showing you do not squat outside to squat and pee in a solo shoot

Also consider

  • Play around with levels in the location, can the model squat on the back of the sofa (like a cat)
  • Get the model to squat over the camera and tease her crotch up and down and around – as if she is teasing the customer pre oral sex

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Squatting position in depth, along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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