February 4, 2019 Exploring solo position: Standing (CSP NL February 2019)

Exploring solo position: Standing

Be sure to do use all the ‘general ways to explore any solo position at the highest posing level in depth‘ as well as exploring the things specific to this individual position.

Key features of the position

Typically in an upright position (but room for the model to lean as the pose is explored) the model is supporting her own body weight, she is not supported by a chair or the floor etc

Models like this position as it is very flattering, no pushed up tummies or necks at odd angles.

Above: Luna in ‘Standing’ pose

Posing levels this is suitable for

  • NDE
  • OL
  • EXP
  • INS

What customers like about it

Customers like this position as it shows the model with nothing in the way, with no body parts held at odd angles or distorted, it is nice and simple. In a solo shoots, across the 8 highest posing level poses, models are often directed into positions that bend or twist her body, in ways that make it hard to be certain how she looks when she is just upright. Including this position helps to answer that question for customers.

Common errors

When shooting this position at the open leg posing level or higher, CSPs need to make sure no shadows obscure details of the labia and anus! Reflectors, camera settings, model position in relation to lights, should all be considered to avoid this.

Above: The shadows on Alyona’s labia and anus are not acceptable, they are masking the key details of this OL position.

Ways to explore the pose

Stretches work nicely in a standing position, the model can lift and bend legs and arms very easily in this pose.

Above: Katya D stretching out her thigh muscle in standing pose

Above: Katya D showing off her tummy muscles in a side stretch (light for texture and form to really pick up such details)

When a model is stretching in the standing pose consider what will make the more effective image, landscape or portrait orientation.

Above: As Katya D stretches to the side she fully fills the window, landscape was the perfect selection.

Above: This time Katya D has made her body in a straight line from top to bottom making Portrait the right way for the picture to be captured.

Above: Luna having fun exploring her balance in the standing position

While a model’s body needs to be supporting itself in the Standing pose, models can rest a leg for balance when exploring their flexibility within the pose

Above: Hania resting her foot on the window ledge in standing position

Above: Luna showing off her beautiful Long Legs (her SUBA). in this standing pose

Remember to shoot this from the front and the back!

Above: A lovely shot of Arianna’s naked bottom from behind

Dancing (especially ballet) works very well in the standing position.  Models who can dance should always bring their dance shoes / outfits for solo shoots.

Above: Kayla J dancing in standing position – point shoes work VERY well in this position

Some models will find this a natural  position to pee in (especially those who pee in the shower ) . Pee is a HUGE fetish at abbywinters, we shoot it when ever a model feels comfortable.

Above: Arianna peeing in the shower

Also consider

  • A model walking and moving her  legs makes good MMAIA content if done in a considered way, this is how customers encounter women in the real world – walking by

Be sure to make use of all the general rules for exploring any solo pose in depth, when planning to explore the Standing position in depth, along side the specifics covered in this blog post.

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