August 7, 2013 Fetish – Bum and face and hip-to-waist ratio

You may have noticed that guys like to check out women’s bums? This series of videos discusses the best way to capture this for shoots.

Workbook: Download this 46 page (1.5Mb) PDF, print in colour, and write notes in the spaces provided while watching the video.

Bum and face, HWR part 1

Size: 5.7Mb, 5’10”

Bum and face, HWR part 2

Size: 37.1Mb, 23’04”

Bum and face, HWR part 3

Size:46.9Mb, 29’02”

Bum and face, HWR part 4

Size: 42.6Mb, 27’23”


Exercise book: Download this 21 page (853Kb) PDF exercise book with 20 images. There is no need to print it, unless you prefer to.

In an email to the Trainer, list the image number, and discuss what’s good and bad about each bum-and-face image. If it’s perfect, what could have been done to make it even more provocative? Refer back to your workbook as necessary (or the videos).


Only applies to shooters actually engaged in shooting.


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