August 28, 2013 Fetish – Wholesomeness

Our customers think of our models as being “wholesome”, we select wholesome models to appear on the site, and and we do what we can to enhance their wholesomeness.

Workbook: Download this 19 page (569 Kb) PDF workbook, print in B&W, and complete the gaps with your notes while watching the video.


Size: 27.6Mb, 23’27”

Wholesome AW model Christen.

Assignment for Shoot Producers

Assess how wholesome four shoots are, and how they could have been made more wholesome. Review each shoot’s stills and video media and consider:

  • What specific elements contributes to this shoots’ wholesomeness?
  • How could this shoot have been made even more wholesome? (using tools and resources available to us on a regular shoot day)

The shoots are:

Write notes in a new MS Word doc, and make sure your name is part of the filename of the doc. When complete, email it to your Trainer.

Assignment for Model Liaisons

Identify four wholesome female characters in modern popular culture (books, films, TV, comics, plays, etc), and write a paragraph describing how their wholesome traits are desirable for models in scenes. Do not use characters described by the Trainer in the above video.

Link to the Wikipedia article for the character for context.

Email the result to the CD.

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