When we speak of “fetishes” within the abbywinters.com paradigm, we mean aspects of a model’s personality and physicality, or activities, that our customers particularly favour.

In the future, we hope to make an SDLP page for each of these fetish areas, which would include a description of what it is, what customers like about it, example images and / or video, tips for directing and capturing it, and questions to ask the model about it. For now, the list below indicates what to be on the look out for. For details contact the Creative Director.

If you are a Contract Shooter planning a shoot with one of these, and there is no SDLP present, you must contact the CD before proceeding.


Completed SDLP’s listed first, then listed in no particular order; very roughly grouped.

To be completed:

  • Stained panties
  • Menstrual blood
  • Tampon string visible
  • Sneezing
  • Singing
  • Camel toe
  • Glimpse of panties (upskirt)
  • Cleavage / down blouse
  • Hairy legs
  • Hairy armpits
  • Pubic hair
  • Body hair
  • Squirting (female ejaculation)
  • Orgasm
  • Vaginal wetness
  • Wet T-shirt
  • Wet panties
  • G-String / thong panties
  • Pubic hair from side of panties
  • Announcing orgasm
  • Afterglow
  • Tan lines
  • Glasses
  • Large breasts
  • Pert breasts
  • Soft nipples
  • Inverted nipples
  • Hard nipples
  • Small breasts
  • Meaty lips
  • Clitoris
  • Pee / urination
  • Pee through panties
  • Panty sniffing
  • Panty licking / tasting
  • Finger sniffing after insertions
  • Finger licking after insertions
  • Standing full body nude
  • See through clothes
  • Exercising
  • Yoga
  • Sex stories
  • Dental braces
  • Genuine emotions
  • Multiple orgasms
  • On all-fours
  • Ponytail
  • Female sporting teams
  • Hair brushing
  • Freckles
  • Lots of moles
  • Large areola
  • Long legs
  • Non-American accents
  • Shy / nervous behaviour
  • Unclear posing level
  • Model is 18 years old
  • Multiple finger insertions, fisting
  • Feet
  • Flexible
  • Other models joining in on a scene, usually temporarily
  • Flashing
  • Risqué behaviour
  • Naughty, dirty behaviour
  • Dichotomy of dirty vs wholesome
  • Playing musical instrument
  • Reading from her diary
  • The moment knickers come off/get caught or wedged between legs
  • Model announces orgasm,
  • Positions where the model can be easily penetrated by a male
  • Smoking
  • Thigh gap
  • Shortie shorts
  • Elastic top with no shoulder straps

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