July 1, 2019 First shoot bonus

(This page is linked from the Homonoia app)

Models do a bunch of extra work the first time they make a shoot with us – they complete our New Model Enquiry and Info Session processes, as well as the lengthy first Shoot Booking process. Subsequent shoots are much faster to book, as the model already understands may of our requirements (even if the shoot type is different).

To acknowledge this, we pay a first-AW-Shoot bonus of €100 to female models for whom this is their first abbywinters.com shoot.

Note that this does not apply to male models, or, of course, to models who have already appeared in an abbywinters.com shoot.

Homonoia checks the Shoot Log tab of the MDB, and if the count is zero, presets this to be “Yes”.

It’s fine to override this preset, if you know otherwise.

Shoot Producers are prompted to select this on the model payment screen. If unsure, it’s appropriate to ask the model – this fee can be removed later by admins at HQ if a mistake is made.

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