July 22, 2013 Fundamentals – Managing emotion over time

We work to Manage our customers emotion over time, by carefully revealing aspects of a model at carefully constructed moments. This ties in closely with the solo assessment area, Adopt a tease and payoff, tease and payoff approach.

Workbook: Download this 9 page (89Kb) PDF Workbook, print double-sided in colour, and add notes as you watch the video.

Managing emotion over time

Size: 36.8Mb, 25’11”

Emotion over time fact sheet

Posing Level fact-sheets. PDF, 80Kb.

Download, print in colour single-sided and review the one-page PDF fact sheet regarding Emotion over time. We recommend collecting all fact sheets into a binder to have on-set for quick reference (do not make this available to models).


Download the template for this assignment, a 15Kb Excel spreadsheet. Watch the solo video shoot of Alex K on abbywinters.com. It might be best to download a video format you prefer, as you’ll be jumping around in the timeline a lot for this assignment.

Chart the emotion over time using the template. Define each peak (what happens at each high point), and each trough (what is happens at each low point), assign a number, out of 100 (where 100 is the best possible realisation of this model in this shoot, not the best this shoot did!). The segmentation of the x-asis is not critical.

The template makes a simple line chart of the action – this should look something like the sketches the Trainer made in the SDLP video.

Write how this shoot could be improved, to have a better shape of emotion over time, and more space “under the line”, for more of the shoot.

Add your name to the file in the indicated place. Provide your work to the Trainer to review.

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