GGT3 Managing a girl-girl set 03

Managing a GGT3 set effectively will ensure high quality shoots.


Download the 14 page (956Kb) PDF workbook. Print in black&white, and fill in the blanks while watching the SDLP video.

Video: 99.2Mb; 19’51”


Draft an email to the Trainer with the subject “Managing a GGT3 set 03 assignment”. Copy and paste the questions below, and answer each one.

  1. One of the models had a late flight to the location the previous night and is really tired. On-set, she is napping on the sofa and not engaging with her shoot partner. What should you do?
  2. You notice that one model is being a little quiet on-set, you think she might be shy. She is very slowly unpacking her clothing and folding it and re-folding it while her shoot partner chats with you about her weekend adventures. What should you do?
  3. You have two models on set who clearly only doing this shoot for the money, both models rolled their eyes when asked to add a bit more color to their HWB. You are just about to start the warm ups – what should you do?
  4. What are some good conversation starters you can ask models to help them interact? 
  5. You know one model is going to be late. Which tasks can you do to prepare her shoot partner, and which should you hold back so she can do them as a team with her shoot partner?
  6. Why is it important that “soft” tasks are not skipped on a shoot day?
  7. Both models sit in silence on their phones, in separate locations in the location while you are setting up – what do you do, and why? 
  8. Why is giving direction good in a GGT3 shoot?
  9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of directing models as they appear in a GGT3 video? How would you minimise the risks?
  10. What are some nice things you can do to help make a “jaded” model’s day feel easier and special for her?

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