GGT3 Managing a girl-girl set 04

Managing a GGT3 set effectively will ensure high quality shoots.


Download the 19 page (1.54Mb) PDF workbook. Print in black&white, and fill in the blanks while watching the SDLP video.

Video: 112.6Mb; 21’57”


Draft an email to the Trainer with the subject “Managing a GGT3 set 04 assignment”. Copy and paste the questions below, and answer each one.

  1. What things can go wrong on a shoot day that a Shoot Producer might be able to fix – and how could you fix them?
  2. What things can go wrong on a shoot day that a Shoot Producer simply cannot fix? Why not?
  3. Describe what you should do if you are mid-way through stills and Model A is yet to deliver on her Challenge or her Objective? 
  4. List the reasons where a model’s STI test results can result in a GGT3 shoot being cancelled
  5. How are GGT3 grooming checks done on a GGT3 shoot day?
  6. Describe the process if a model presents with a serious grooming issue on a GGT3 shoot day. Describe your actions from the grooming check to the point where the models are informed that the shoot can not go ahead.
  7. You are 8 minutes into video and things are not going well. The models seem a little bit wooden and everything feels flat. You know your SCO has dinner plans with their family, and the day is already running late. What do you do?
  8. What on-set problems need you to contact the PC?
  9. The models are in the 69 position, with one model on the bed and one model on the floor between the bed and the wall. The position is great but the hair of the model on the bed has come loose, covering her face. Both models have let go and are lost in the moment. What do you do? 
  10. How does the “sunk cost fallacy” relate to an GGT3 shoot day?

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