SCO 03 Basic GGT3 video shooting

Introducing the basic principles of shooting video for girl-girl paradigm, for Second Camera Operators.

Workbook: Download this 18 page (3.1Mb) PDF workbook, print, and fill in while watching.

SDLP video

38′ 52″; 337Mb


Complete the quizzes in Athena;

  • First quiz:
    • Topic: Girl-Girl sex shoots
    • Question set: “ GG Basic T3 video shooting”
  • Second long-form answers quiz:
    • Media: Some questions require viewing short video clips. The links to these in Athena appear broken, but actually work fine. Check the hint for a direct video download link.
    • Topic: GG Basic T3 video shooting (discuss)
    • Question set: “ GG Basic T3 video shooting (discuss)”

Second Camera Operators will meet with their Shoot Producer before working on their first shoot, for around two hours. SCO’s can handle the camera they will be using on shoot days, and practise with it.  Then, complete the practical assignment. The Shoot Producer will provide a report to AW HQ.

Let your trainer know when you have had this meeting with the Shoot Producer.

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