September 24, 2018 Good stuff award (things a CSP has done ESPECIALLY well)


February 2019

Above: Galina sporting two panties as a sexy new bra!

Shoot Producer Hermann from Berlin demonstrated a unique approach to creative clothing use in his recent solo shoot of Galina. Her bra in the image above is made up of two colourful thongs (G-string underwear)!

Hermann has been refining his Clothing Use skills since he first started making shoots with and his hard work has really paid off. This example is not “clothing use because the assessment system demands clothing use”, but something that stands out as excellent in its own right! This Clothing Use adds sexiness, on-paradigm colours and great Tease and Payoff. And, this is a great No-Nude Extreme (EXP) image!

Once a Shoot Producer has graduated a specific shoot type, while they no longer get regular feedback and may indeed go on to take on additional shoot types, we hope they will continue to grow and refine their skills independently in that area, as Hermann has.

Well done Hermann on being an excellent example of this – keep up the good work!    

November 2018

Model Liaison Melissa was impressed with the diligence and ethics shown by CSP Brad (Los Angeles, USA), when he postponed a shoot due to the model’ prescribed pain medication affecting her state of mind.

Following a foot injury, we gave the green light to shoot the model with a clean bandage on, so long as it did not impact her ability to do the shoot. But, Brad noticed a change in her personality and on investigation, discovered her pain medication was narcotic-based, meaning the model was not in fit state to consent to her actions – making the Release form void – and shooting unethical. Not to mention, our aim is to capture models being themselves!

Not only did Brad do the right thing in rescheduling the shoot, but he asked when the model was due to stop taking the medication and immediately re-booked everything for that day!

Great work Brad – very impressive! 

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