February 18, 2019 Great backstage examples

Great Backstage example, February 2019

ABOVE: Alessia and Danai caught taking a selfie on set. The first excellent thing is the light – getting the models to stand with the light behind them can make for beautiful texture and form on their skin and hints at how the main scene was lit (a nice technical detail). However, this can backfire, and ample front-light is also required – otherwise the models would be a silhouette!

The inclusion of the window in frame is very on-paradigm, it brings the outside in, and adds a pop of colour.

When ever CSPs have two models together, having one focused on what they are doing, while the other acknowledges the backstage camera is very fun, as customers get the best of both worlds – they are witnessing a REAL event happening on set but one of the models is welcoming them into that moment through eye contact with the camera.

There’s a technical exposure “problem” on Alessia’s hair, imperfect focus, and some lens flare – this is all totally fine for Backstage images. An excellent composition, Giulia!

Great Backstage examples, December 2018

Above: Those of you who pride yourself in your counting abilities will notice  two images have been nominated for this entry but they are great for the same reason. Knowing that she had multiple models coming to shoot AND knowing we had special holidays coming up (Halloween and Christmas), CSP Ursula in Barcelona, brought props to set on both occasions, so the models could do special images for POTD (picture of the day). Learn more about POTD in the POTD blog entry

CSP Ursula then emailed those images to Caroline directly as well as ingesting these images following BAU media ingestion processes, along with the rest of that days media. It is important to also mail the image separately as the precise date a shoot is post-produced is never known and the events these images were created for could easily have passed before the set was edited.

In addition to their seasonality, these images are great as they show a large group of naked models, and the lighting is excellent (showing appropriate texture and form).

The model Danai has added black lipstick for the Halloween image. Even though we do not wear make up on abbywinters shoots, this sort thing is fine for a backstage image / POTD if there is a creative reason.

Great work Ursula!

Great Backstage examples, November 2018

ABOVE: Elah, captured as she changes clothes.

This is a great backstage pic as feels “ad hoc”; it shows the model doing an activity that is part of the day; is sexual as she is not fully dressed, engaging,  as she is smiling to camera and makes artistic use of the mirror to the right of frame.

Great work CSP Hermann!

While it’s better to be correctly exposed, the other positive aspects make this a successful image.

ABOVE: Abigail M & Valeria,  

This is a great backstage image! Whenever there are multiple models on set, it’s best to include them together in each backstage image (to differentiate from solo shoot Backstage images).

Great composition: Abigail is busy changing ready to work (an active part of the shoot process), while Valeria adds a cheeky human element with her glance to the camera. The buttock pulling is a great extra touch.

Well captured, Ursula! (Barcelona)

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