May 29, 2015 Grooming in-brief

Our customers demand the grooming of models on shows them to be neat, clean, healthy and wholesome. This SDLP outlines the expectations and the methods used to reach those standards. We never use PhotoShop to adjust our images, or use makeup to cover blemishes!

Grooming in-brief

Size: 59.3Mb; 24’52”

Grooming Athena quiz

Download the Grooming checklist (PDF, 1 page, 45Kb). Log in to Athena and pass the two Grooming quizzes. Use the checklist to assess each model (as you will do when you first meet a model for a shoot).

Continue when the awesome Grooming badge is earned.


Grooming badge

Grooming Fact sheet

Grooming Fact sheet. PDF, 62Kb.

Download, print in colour single-sided and review the one-page PDF fact sheet regarding Grooming. We recommend collecting all fact sheets into a binder to have on-set for quick reference (do not make this available to models).

Practical grooming demo

Shoot Producing expert and trainer Masie demonstrates how to perform an ethical, swift and effective Grooming Check. Not necessary to watch now, but recommended before your first shoot.


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