June 18, 2013 Grooming in-depth

WARNING: This page is the in-depth version – most likely, you want the in-brief version, linked from The Essentials page. This version is much more work and more detailed than is necessary for most users. Only proceed on this in-depth page if you have specifically been directed to the in-depth version (rare).

Our customers demand the grooming of models on abbywinters.com shows them to be neat, clean, healthy and wholesome. This SDLP outlines the expectations and the methods used to reach those standards. We never use Photoshop to adjust our images.

This SDLP has “in-brief” (~25 minutes + 30 minutes for Quiz) and this, the “in-depth” (~3 hours) versions.

Grooming in-depth

Workbook: Download this 34 page (802Kb) PDF workbook file, print in colour, single-sided, and use it to take notes as you watch the video.

Model Grooming, Part 1

49.9Mb, 46m37s

Model Grooming Part 2

31.8Mb, 29’11”

Model grooming, Prac 1: Camera familiarity

Use a compact point-and-shoot digital camera (At AW HQ, these are called “backstage cameras”) to take a bunch of technically correct close-up images of body parts that often have grooming issues. These can be of yourself, or a trusty assistant. Point-and-shoot cameras often have problems with focus and exposure, so some adjustments may be necessary.

Practice until you can take 10 images in a row that have excellent technical attributes. Provide these 10 images to your Trainer.

Model Grooming: Test

Test: print this PDF (58Kb, 8 pages) double sided, B&W, and complete it. This is a “closed book” test – do not review your notes or screencasts. Please use blue or black pen.

When complete, review it against the Grooming Test Answers video, below.

Grooming Test Answers

Size: 63.5Mb, 40’34”

Only review this video once you have completed the Grooming test. Use a red pen to add notes you missed.

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