February 20, 2017 Guest Direction: Recap

This is an introduction to Guest Directed scenes, aimed at Shoot Producers, and prospective Guest Directors.

Workbook: Download this 10 page (573Kb) PDF workbook. Print in B&W, and add notes where indicated, while watching the video below.

Guest Direction Recap

39.9Mb (9m 03s)


You’re done!

Your assignment is to make your first Guest Directed video, and when it has been edited, watch it and provide notes back to your trainer on what you did well at, and what could be improved next time. In practical terms, this means:

  1. Be assigned a Main Model
  2. Book the shoot day
  3. Make a Shoot Plan doc (~30 gambits and ~30 sexual questions, ~30 general questions)
  4. Meet with the Creative Director to discuss and refine
  5. Do the shoot
  6. Once edited, review the shoot with the CD, and take action items for the next GD scene

(Learn AW Guest Direction homepage).

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