October 23, 2017 Homonoia for Shoot Producers

Homonoia is a web application we made in-house, to administer shoot-related paperwork and ID capture. It’s secure and powerful, and reduces the admin burden on Shoot Producers (compared to paper-based paperwork).

Download and print this 20 page (1.1Mb), workbook in B&W . Fill in the blanks as you watch the video.

Note: It’s essential you have a modern smartphone or tablet for Homonoia to work. Do not proceed unless you do. If you’re not sure, tell your Trainer the make and model of the device you have.

Homonoia for Shoot Producers

Size: 41m 09s; 804Mb

Homonoia link to bookmark: https://homonoia.abbywinters.com/


Download this two-page (17Kb) MS Word document for the Assignment. Detailed instructions are included.

This assignment requires synchronising with your Trainer, so may not be able to completed immediately. Contact them to set up a time, and remind them you need to be set up as a new Shoot Producer in Homonoia.

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